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Get relief through our personalized approach to neurological rehabilitation

You will find faster resolution to your symptoms in fewer visits with our personalized approach to neurological recovery. Our methodology is tailor-made to treat your unique situation and neurology.

How We Work

Why choose NeuroWorks Healthcare?

A personalized treatment plan

Every patient and every case has its own unique specificities, so we will develop a treatment plan that is specific to your injury and your neurology.

Our integrative approach

We integrate functional neurology and chiropractic services to help you heal naturally with lasting results.

Faster results

Our unique applications and techniques allow for quicker recovery with better results and fewer visits. 

Patients cared for locally and internationally

Founded in

After a few sessions my son is reading better, has better balance, is less stressed and overall better mood. I brought my husband and he was able to alleviate leg pain and get rid of migraines he has had for most of his life.

Charlotte Springthorpe

Mother of Patient

I have history of Transverse Myelitis, broken bones, and sprained ankles. He has helped me tremendously. I use to be in constant pain in my low back and now after seeing Dr. Ben, my back feels 10 times better.

Heather Adams


Not only have I seen him get amazing results from some of my most complicated referral patients, his dedication to his craft and to his patients and his customer service is exemplary.

Ellie Campbell, DO

Referring Doctor

Meet our founder

Dr. Benjamin Behrendt

An experienced functional neurologist with a proven history of work in the hospital and healthcare industry, Dr. Benjamin has been working in the health and wellness industry since 2005.

Published Research

With over 30 published works, Dr. Benjamin Behrendt is an innovative thought leader in the field of functional neurology and chiropractic services


A Doctor of Chiropractic and Fellowship trained in functional neurology, brain injury and vestibular rehabilitation since 2013, Dr. Benjamin Behrendt is a seasoned expert with international experience treating concussions, dysautonomia, dizziness and other brain injuries.


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